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VideoMusic interview 1994 

Interviewer: Are you in love? 

Jay: No… No.

Gaz: Ermm Yeah.

Mark: I’m in love with what I’m doing to be honest; I’m really enjoying myself, so I’m not in love with a girl.

Howard: We don’t have much time to fall in love.

Robbie: I’m definitely in love.

Interviewer: Favourite singers? 

Gaz: Elton John and George Michael.

Rob: Elton John, George Michael.

#gaypower .. lol

(yes I know George Michael was still in the closet in those years…he came out in 1998… but still - apart from hiring some beards - he never did that much to hide he was gay, honestly)

Thanks Federica for reminding me of this interview.. haven’t watched it for a while

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